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This site is about politics.  It’s about media.  It’s about culture, by which I mean the way we inform, educate and entertain ourselves and interact with each other.  It’s about people, places, and organizations I want you to know about.   It’s a simple site because I don’t think simple is shallow.  I think simple is clear.   It’s easy to be complex.  Making things simple takes more effort.  It shows you respect people’s time.  Which is why this intro is so short.

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Carlson Conquers Mt. Olympus

Talk Radio 570 KVI’s John Carlson has climbed the highest peaks in the Cascade range, including Mount Hood, Mount Adams, and Mount Rainier. On August 10th-14th, John scaled Mt. Olympus.  It was more than a personal challenge.  It was for a worthy cause; Climb to Fight Breast Cancer.  This was John’s 9th consecutive year  supporting the thousands of women diagnosed with breast cancer last year. Read More