How to know if you are a Democrat or a Republican

Every once in a while there comes an issue that clearly defines the differences between the two major parties.  One of them is what to do about Detroit, the largest American city to officially declare Bankruptcy.  A Quinnipiac University poll shows a clear majority of 57% opposing a bailout, while just 33% support it.  But look at the breakout by party:  Only 35% of Democrats oppose a bailout, while a majority, 51%, support the idea.  Republicans?  73% reject the idea of a bailout, while only 18% favor it.

So what about Independent voters?  They lean with the conservatives, with 65% opposing any bailout while just 28% supporting one.   There is a long list of cities and counties that would quickly que up for a federal life raft if a precedent is set by providing one for a city that ignored warning after warning about reckless spending, outlandish catering to govt. unions and stubbornly stood by policies that grew the crime rate and city income tax rate while shrinking the population of wealthy and middle class residents of all races.

Why underwrite this mismanagement with public money?